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  • Music festivals became popular in the 60s and 70s, especially after the world was reshaping itself from the destructive outcome of the world wars. Music had become a way to organise and bring together people who shared a common thought and looked out for peace more than anything. In recent times, the music festival has become a way to enjoy and path, here are a few festivals that you must visit if you are interested in crowds and loud music.


    The exit is an award-winning summer music event held in the city of Novi Sad over in Serbia. It's widely renowned as the best major European festival. It was started as a student movement to fight for democracy and freedom in Serbia, because of this social responsibility is a significant theme throughout the entire festival, aside from rock, electronic, hip hop and punk music that is always played there, this event had 200,000 attendees last year with 120 acts. Exit


    As one of the largest annual electronic music festivals in the world, it's no surprise at the festival that spin-offs of Brazil and less recently tomorrow society in the United States voted the best music event by the International Dance Music Awards, and that exists in 2012, 13 and 14 as well as the best festival by the Redbull electropedia Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013, this event is held in Belgium every year with 400,000 attendees in over 400 acts.


    This event has a special place, Coachella is a music festival and art festival held in the beautiful state of California United States of America it features campgrounds which turn the three-day event in the more like a five-day party as well as all-day, all-night music art, showcases, craft, beers and lines as well as fantastic food from food trucks and other vendors with over 700,000 attendees and 190 acts this is one of the most insane festivals in the world.  If you're in California during April this is a festival you must attend. Coachella


    Held at a 75-acre park in Wisconsin this 11 Day Festival is made up of 11 stages and performances from artists of all sorts alternative bluegrass folk, funk, metal, hip hop, indie, jazz, pop and rock. If 11 days of insane action like that is not enough for you, apparently on the first day, they call it the big bang, but they have a vast opening fireworks act, and that's pretty insane. This event has about 800,000 to a million attendees a year with over 800 artists, and that's just out of this world.

    In a nutshell

    Music festivals are a great experience, and you should visit one and experience for yourself. These festivals are held in large parks where you can pay for accommodation or carry your tent. They last for days, and people fly from all over the world to visit these festivals. Although it is essential to look out for your safety as these places are infamous for drugs and other illicit activities.

  • While travel freaks fly to cities and drive over to the countryside to behold the views and landscapes that occupy the entire space, music-lovers make that trip not just to tour through the cities but also to visit major music festivals. It is a known fact that these fans of music plan such trips in the months that their favorite artists are performing in that city. Some of the best music festivals are Tomorrowland, Coachella, Primavera Sound, UMF, and Glastonbury that take place in various regions of South America, Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Different genres of music sell all across the globe, and most of them have music festivals too; be it hip hop, pop, or EDM and metal. Here are a few music festivals that are anticipated to be the best ones to take place in 2020.


    It is one of the best places to escape to for the forward-thinking electronic music lovers. Everyone who likes to experience something different and new trends at the festival, this is the best choice. It may not feature a long row of famous artists on the stage; instead takes risks with the opportunity given to budding talents. This has become the reason for many DJs to prefer this festival to play. It is being held from 31 July to 4 August in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dekmantel

    Primavera Sound

    Barcelona hosts this one-of-a-kind music festival to make this list every year. It comes as no surprise because the event is always held in all glory and galore. An incredible lineup is gathered every year by this festival, and the artists who attend it are from various genres, thereby uniting a variety of tastes for the weekend. The beachside Parc del Forum is set every year for this magnificent event of colors and tunes. It is being held in Barcelona from 4-6 June this year too.

    Let It Roll

    Everyone who wants to feel some bass and drum to get their hearts pounding, this is the festival for you. No one could imagine a better place to organize it than a former airbase outside of Prague. Experience the musical wonders this year from 30 July to 1 August in Milovice, Czech Republic. Let It Roll

    Coachella Music & Arts Festival

    Fly to the melting pot in California for these epic nights of music and celebration. Music isn’t the only factor that drives the moment; the fashion, giant art structures and murals, and many other features of it make Coachella one of the best events to include in your vacation plan to California. It is being held from 10-12 April and 17-19 April in Indio.


    Although many other festivals have launched since the debut of Tomorrowland, this one never fails to meet the expectations of the fans. This position is held on intact by the festival with its long line of talented artists and stage designs. The subtle details and nuances in the finely tuned music and structures make this a must-visit festival. It is being held from 17-26 July in Boom, Belgium.

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  • Jazz is an incredibly loose concept to define because it encompasses such a wide variety of music what is concrete is that as a form of African-American music that was born in New Orleans in the late 19th century and early 20th century infused African and European style of music together, there isn't one way of describing the method of Jazz though. Throughout the 20th century, the form of Jazz is defined mostly by prominent jazz artists and popular culture.

    Louis Armstrong

    The great Louis Armstrong in the early 20th century who changed the dynamic of jazz music entirely, his unique approach to the songs you're aware of is in the Dixieland or New Orleans style that defined early Jazz. He was the one that made the transition from Dixieland jazz to swing integrated Jazz with American popular music to make it much more accessible to the audiences because of him. The musical focus changed from the overall ensemble to the individual soloist. Louis Armstrong's music made people feel warm and at home and his biggest hits like 'what a wonderful world' and 'The Beyond Rosa' have remained in modern popular culture. Louis Armstrong

    Duke Ellington

    Duke Ellington who along with Benny Goodman and Count Basie is one of the most popular and famous bandleaders and arrangers, he is one of the pioneers of big band jazz and wrote music to capitalize on the renowned swing style at a time give fantastic soloists in his bands like Johnny Hodges and Jimmy bland who were both hugely influential in their respective instruments. His main stylistic influence was that he made use of the dissonant voices of each musician clashing with each other to create a unique sound

    Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker also is known as brave he was an essential figure in the development of bebop which is a style of music characterized by its fast tempo, numerous chord changes, key modulation and instrumental virtuosity and improvisational skills. Charlie Parker redefined Jazz in the way that he would produce incredibly fast musical solos even at breakneck speeds of 300 beats per minute jazz musicians around the world would memorize this innovative solo licks for years to come. It was so revolutionary about a state authorization was that he would venture out of the key to the tune that he was playing while he was playing a solo this was known as chord alteration and modulation which made jazz musicians and jazz fans marvel at Parker's ability. He along with the legendary trumpet player and composer Dizzy Gillespie was one of the pioneers of bebop music with speaking ability his achievements extended beyond just the revolutionization of bebop. Still, he along with the conga player Chano Pozo practically invented the genre of Latin jazz, particularly in his famous Afro-Cubans style. Charlie Parker

    In a nutshell

    Although the Golden Age of jazz silver, it continues to evolve in the musical trails impressive spearheaded by artists like Christian McBride and Kamasi Washington, the future of Jazz can go anywhere, we can only wait and see, what new direction does it take?  

  • Jazz is one genre of music that exists in various forms to produce upbeat, relaxing, erratic, and slow variations. Every good jazz music can transport listeners to a whole new world of wonders by sucking the souls into a vacuum of love and emotion. All jazz lovers have this idea of escaping into a different space with the spiritual journey that takes them through various layers. Since the genre has always stayed relevant and popular, festivals are also held for the fans to celebrate. Several events are hosted around the world every year to bring all jazz lovers together. If you are that person who loves to travel and enjoys jazz, these are festivals you need to check out when planning vacations. Here is a list of the best jazz festivals being held in different parts of the world.

    1.      The Copenhagen Jazz Festival

    The city of Denmark welcomes you to savor the layers of the genre with this festival held in July. It is one of the most distinguished jazz festivals in Europe, and it has been going on floors annually since 1979. Copenhagen’s Vinterjazz starts in February and continues till July 15th. The festival begins on July 6th with around 300 jazz concerts that feature events for kids, core music lovers, and poetry fans, and it is played in different locations of the country. Jazz Festival

    2.      The Clearwater Jazz Holiday

    With over thirty-five thousand visitors attending the event every year, it only gets bigger for more people to come in. This four-day and four-night festival is a world-class holiday event that is held at the Coachman Park in Clearwater.  A wide variety of jazz styles and great artists is what you will come across in this festival, and it is worth your money and time. The Florida beach and sun only embellishes the whole event to make it into a memorable one.

    3.      The Java Jazz Festival

    It is one of the best and most popular festivals being held in the world, and it has been a recurring event every year since 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Witness the biggest jazz festival in the Southern Hemisphere with this festival that takes place in March. Famous Indonesian artists like Yura Yunita and international artists like Stevie Wonder and Arturo Sandoval are the main attractions of the festival every year.

    4.      The Cape Town International Jazz Festival

    South Africa’s best jazz festival, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, is held every year in March, and it has been in the scene for more than nineteen years now. This festival has always been among the top five in the world and the largest one in Africa. For every jazz fan in Africa and the other parts of the world, the Cape Town Festival is a must-visit. It also makes this list because of the awe-inspiring line of artists that it features from all around the world, and it also encourages the upcoming legends and artists by offering them a platform to perform.

  • There are plenty of film buffs who would want to know what is a director of photography in film as there are also known as a cinematographer at times. Contrary to power belief, they are not the ones behind shooting the scenes. That would be the role of the camera operator. Believe it or not, the director of photography would play a huge role in teaming up with the director on laying out how each scene would be shot. When it comes down to writing the script, the cinematographer has a long task ahead of her as she has to do visual presentations of each scene in the script. This would allow the producers and directors to plan each scene out. Of course, they would want to know where they are going to shoot the scenes. In addition, that is where the costume designers would come into play as they would also want to be instructed what types of costumes to make when the going gets really tough and you now know what would happen when everyone would just want to play close attention to the entire thing. The cinematographer would play a huge role in directing where the cameras will be placed in each scene. All the actors and backgrounds must be captured with intense shots so the audience will be glued to the screens and not somewhere else. When the audience would take a bathroom break during the scene then the cinematographer will get blamed a lot here because a lot of it has got to do with all the stuff that the scene was shot with. It really has got to do with what is right in front of you since the director of photography has got to be focused on the task at hand and you know nobody likes getting blamed. You will see some improvements can still be made during test screenings and you know that something can still be done and the director of photography can do it himself without needing the help of the other directors as that is how strong the role of this person is during the entire shot of the movie. The director of photography will decide how the scenes will be lighted. There will certainly be times when it will be a bit bright and the other way around. It will be up to this person and you know that is something that would be pretty hard to manage when the time is right and you never really know what you are doing. The DoP is also responsible for the selection of cameras for each scene and that is huge due to the assortment of cameras available. This blog will teach you more about lighting, camera placement, and the overall production set. Believe it or not, the DP will be there when the post production process gets underway in order to work with the editors to find ways of how to further enhance the scenes. It is all about coming together as a huge team in order to think of how to make a good final product.

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