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6 Amazing Benefits of Being A Military

6 Amazing Benefits of Being A Military

As a military member, you experience freedom, live in different places, and meet some unique people. In addition, you have a sense of belonging, knowing that you’re doing something for your country that others can’t do. There’s no doubt that being a part of the military can benefit our families and us in ways we can’t imagine. Click here and know these amazing benefits of being in a military

1. A Better Education

One of the best things about joining the military is that you will get paid for going to school! This can help you achieve your goals by making it easier for you to pay for school and make it more affordable to attend college or trade school. You may even qualify for financial aid from different government programs like Pell grants and work-study programs if you apply for them before enlisting in the military.

2. More Money Than You Know What To Do With

Another great benefit is that plenty of money will be available for you when you leave active duty service. As a member of the National Guard or Reserves, you will earn monthly retirement benefits even after leaving active duty service as long as you have served at least 20 years on active duty or 30 years in total (if less than 20 years on active duty)

3. You Will Learn How to Deal With Different Situations

The military teaches you how to deal with different situations by training you on how to react in a stressful situation; this is one of the reasons why they do so much training before they send someone out on their own. You will also learn how to deal with such deployments and long hours away from home. These skills will help you throughout your life, no matter your job or career path, after leaving the military.

4. No Sales Tax On Purchases

One of the biggest financial challenges for military families is frequently moving — often multiple times within one year — making budgeting difficult. When you move so often, there’s no way to predict how much sales tax will be added onto purchases at each location, making it hard to plan for taxes on big purchases like cars or houses. However, if you’re currently serving on active duty or were honorably discharged within 180 days of purchase, then many states exempt military members from paying sales tax on qualifying items like cars and homes.

5. Retirement Benefits

When you retire from the military, you receive a pension for life. The amount varies depending on factors such as your rank at retirement and how long you served. The maximum is currently $3,359 per month for those who retire at 20 years of service or more, but the average is closer to $1,500 per month. Supplemental retirement plans also offer additional benefits and tax savings opportunities for those who want them.

6. Low-Interest Rates On Loans

If you’re looking for a loan, it’s worth checking into the Military Lending Act (MLA). This law requires lenders to offer lower rates and fees on loans to service members and their families. It also limits the number of loans an individual may take out in a year. This can be especially helpful if you’re buying a car or house while deployed or away from your family on assignment.

Wrapping Up

Military benefits vary greatly but are usually more than enough to offset the costs associated with enlisting in the first place. The armed forces offer the best pay and benefits, including health insurance. Some military members even qualify for a particular home loan, making it easier to afford a home! The military provides all its members with a steady income; however, it also allows them to take advantage of many great opportunities.

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