Top Jazz Festivals in the World
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Top Jazz Festivals in the World

Jazz Festivals

Top Jazz Festivals in the World

Jazz is one genre of music that exists in various forms to produce upbeat, relaxing, erratic, and slow variations. Every good jazz music can transport listeners to a whole new world of wonders by sucking the souls into a vacuum of love and emotion. All jazz lovers have this idea of escaping into a different space with the spiritual journey that takes them through various layers. Since the genre has always stayed relevant and popular, festivals are also held for the fans to celebrate. Several events are hosted around the world every year to bring all jazz lovers together. If you are that person who loves to travel and enjoys jazz, these are festivals you need to check out when planning vacations. Here is a list of the best jazz festivals being held in different parts of the world.

1.      The Copenhagen Jazz Festival

The city of Denmark welcomes you to savor the layers of the genre with this festival held in July. It is one of the most distinguished jazz festivals in Europe, and it has been going on floors annually since 1979. Copenhagen’s Vinterjazz starts in February and continues till July 15th. The festival begins on July 6th with around 300 jazz concerts that feature events for kids, core music lovers, and poetry fans, and it is played in different locations of the country.

Jazz Festival

2.      The Clearwater Jazz Holiday

With over thirty-five thousand visitors attending the event every year, it only gets bigger for more people to come in. This four-day and four-night festival is a world-class holiday event that is held at the Coachman Park in Clearwater.  A wide variety of jazz styles and great artists is what you will come across in this festival, and it is worth your money and time. The Florida beach and sun only embellishes the whole event to make it into a memorable one.

3.      The Java Jazz Festival

It is one of the best and most popular festivals being held in the world, and it has been a recurring event every year since 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Witness the biggest jazz festival in the Southern Hemisphere with this festival that takes place in March. Famous Indonesian artists like Yura Yunita and international artists like Stevie Wonder and Arturo Sandoval are the main attractions of the festival every year.

4.      The Cape Town International Jazz Festival

South Africa’s best jazz festival, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, is held every year in March, and it has been in the scene for more than nineteen years now. This festival has always been among the top five in the world and the largest one in Africa. For every jazz fan in Africa and the other parts of the world, the Cape Town Festival is a must-visit. It also makes this list because of the awe-inspiring line of artists that it features from all around the world, and it also encourages the upcoming legends and artists by offering them a platform to perform.

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