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What is a Director of Photography in Film?

What is a Director of Photography in Film?

There are plenty of film buffs who would want to know what is a director of photography in film as there are also known as a cinematographer at times. Contrary to power belief, they are not the ones behind shooting the scenes. That would be the role of the camera operator. Believe it or not, the director of photography would play a huge role in teaming up with the director on laying out how each scene would be shot. When it comes down to writing the script, the cinematographer has a long task ahead of her as she has to do visual presentations of each scene in the script. This would allow the producers and directors to plan each scene out. Of course, they would want to know where they are going to shoot the scenes.

In addition, that is where the costume designers would come into play as they would also want to be instructed what types of costumes to make when the going gets really tough and you now know what would happen when everyone would just want to play close attention to the entire thing.

The cinematographer would play a huge role in directing where the cameras will be placed in each scene. All the actors and backgrounds must be captured with intense shots so the audience will be glued to the screens and not somewhere else. When the audience would take a bathroom break during the scene then the cinematographer will get blamed a lot here because a lot of it has got to do with all the stuff that the scene was shot with. It really has got to do with what is right in front of you since the director of photography has got to be focused on the task at hand and you know nobody likes getting blamed. You will see some improvements can still be made during test screenings and you know that something can still be done and the director of photography can do it himself without needing the help of the other directors as that is how strong the role of this person is during the entire shot of the movie.

The director of photography will decide how the scenes will be lighted. There will certainly be times when it will be a bit bright and the other way around. It will be up to this person and you know that is something that would be pretty hard to manage when the time is right and you never really know what you are doing. The DoP is also responsible for the selection of cameras for each scene and that is huge due to the assortment of cameras available. This blog will teach you more about lighting, camera placement, and the overall production set. Believe it or not, the DP will be there when the post production process gets underway in order to work with the editors to find ways of how to further enhance the scenes. It is all about coming together as a huge team in order to think of how to make a good final product.

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